Disrupt A Multi-Trillion Dollar
Ecommerce Market...

Build Stunning Amazon-Like Stores For Millions Of Businesses

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Token Distribution


B 97,088,235






$ 16,505,000


1 ETH = 1929 BEZ

Buyer Protection

powered by Smart Contracts

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What Does It Do ?


Bezop is a complete solution for running a successful ecommerce business online for new and experienced users.
Anyone can sell their products and services and get paid in bezop without any programming.
Bezop implements a novel Proof of order which lowers the rate of fraud for both a merchant and client using elegantly designed contracts powered by the ethereum blockchain and secured cryptographically. Merchants can collect vat and accurately manage orders.


Your Bezop account wallet will be able to hold and store any Ethereum ERC20 standard token. ShapeShift.io integration will allow you to convert between tokens seamlessly straight from your Bezop account. Convert Bezops between ShapeShift supported ERC20 standard tokens or buy Bezops directly with other ERC20 tokens. The Bezop account is live now and wallet will be launched Q1 2018.

Complete Transparency

All plans of development and future enhancements will first go through the community. Bezop also plans to open source all projects by 2018. Think of Bezop as the first blockchain driven ecommerce system where the users have limitless access to their payment processer and store.

Compliant And Registered

Bezop is a fully compliant and registered company based in United Kingdom. We have all legals such as terms and conditions, privacy policy and posting policy. To top it all off, we have even trademarked our slogan and logo.

Funds Distribution

All funds raised will go straight into Development of bezop, Funding the team and expansion.



55% of all funds raised will go directly into development and expanding the team behind Bezop.
10% of funds will then go towards legals to make sure Bezop is compliant in all countries.
5% will go into technology improvements such as upgrading servers, purchasing EV SSL certificates and much more.
Another 10% will go towards marketing Bezop to gain awareness about the platform and gaining more users.
10% will be invested into advertising and training users who wish to start making money online as a merchant.
No bezop token will be issued to any team member instead 10% will be used to buy back bezops, see buyback program


Stage 1 (Pre-ICO)

20th dec 2017 - 23rd dec 2017 ( 3 million tokens sold )


Stage 1 (Early Adopters)

24 dec 2017 - 5th Jan 2018 ( 20 million tokens sold )


75% ( In Progress )
3 (Crowdsale)

5th Jan 2018 - 20th Jan 2018


Minimal Viable Product :

of GDP growth by 2025 from online talent platforms

Token Distribution

Tokens will be distributed to all participants of bezop token sale as follows...


65% of all tokens are available for purchase during the token sale.
15% of the total supply of coins will be transferred to bezop's cold storage , no more than 5% will be used as bonus during token launch and 5% bonus for future strategic partnerships after ico period.
The Bezop Team and Advisors are scheduled for 15% of total tokens sold however we plan to maximize benefits to the community, THEREFORE TEAM MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE THERE TOKEN AFTER 6 MONTHS OF THE ICO, we will also launch a "buy-back" program on exchanges with BTC (see below).
This will highly reduce the probability of a day one exchange dump that happens to most new tokens that hit the market.

Buy-Back Program


Instead of issuing team members Bezops during the ICO period, all members and advisors will have to wait for 180 days to receive there tokens. We also plan to launch a buy back program on exchanges. This way, Bezops will be purchased back with BTC by interested team members.
A total of 10% of all BEZOP in circulation will be purchased back during the first 24 hours of it hitting the exchange to help BEZOP enter a bullish trend.

Rainbow Cipher

Bezop has designed an amazing private key encryption technique that will revolutionize how wallets are stored. This cipher is processed on the client -side and only reversible by the user.

Proof of Order

The Proof Of Order Is A Novel Proof Introduced By Bezop.

Novel Smart Contracts

Bezop Is Modelled Based On Novel Contracts That Handle Order Placement, Cancellation, Disputes, Proof Of Tax And Transaction , Proof Of Delivery And Generating Promises.

Rapid Growth

Bezop Market Value Is Based On Demand For Products And Services Sold By Thousands Of People Which Has Tremendous Potential To Rapidly Boost A Merchants Profit.

Decentralized Order Management

Bezop Market Value Is Based On Demand For Products And Services Sold By Thousands Of People Which Has Tremendous Potential To Rapidly Boost A Merchants Profit.


Not Just A Wallet For Your Bezops. Our Wallet Will Be Able To Store And Hold Multiple Ethereum ERC20 Standard Tokens.

Buyer Protection

Bezop Is Built To Mitigate Fraud And Protect Buyers, Prior To Delivery The Bezop Network Uses Smart Contracts To Act As A Middle Man For Each Transaction.

Easy, Fast Integration

The Bezop Network will allow for a multitude of developers easy access to sell there softwares and skills using blockchain with a Copy and Paste "Easy Integration" .
For each sale we will send you an IPN to any secure url. where user specifies; we will also parse there name and product id, tags and email.
Each payment that goes through the platform will follow the standard protocol.

Roadmap ( Revised - Jan 17 2018 )


    Bezop's Minimal Viable Product Will Be Realated First Week of December
    12th December 2017
    Bezop Token Sale is Scheduled for 3rd week of December and Tokens will be released instantly.
    3rd December 2017


    Bezop tokens are scheduled to list on exchanges Feb - March 2018
    Feb - Mar 2018
    The release of a standard wallet is scheduled for may 2018.
    April - May 2018


    Stable release of bezop DOM. Testing Begins Late Sept...
    Aug - Sept 2018
    Bezop merchant wallets and other smart contacts are finalised. Thousands of merchants can start selling with Bezop.
    November 2018


    Bezop Splits to its own network.
    (Security Upgrade)
    Mandatory Security Review and Upgrade is performed.
    (Network Upgrade)
    General Network Review and Upgrade is performed...

Bezop ICO Has Started

Core Team


Deryck Jones

Chief Technology Officer

20yrs in the Fortune 1000 holding dual engineering roles and overseeing all "IT" operations. Served as VP of R&D for software division of $3.1 Billion MIT spinout. Drove transformation from manufacturing business to a $270M systems business. Launched Data-Force which developed enterprise software applications and performed enterprise system integrations with SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server as a Salesforce development & sales partner delivering services to Sony, Canon, RFS, etc.


Simon Disney

Chief Marketing Officer

Simon Disney is one of the most influential marketers on the Internet & The Host of the very popular "Marketing Summit" Event, He is controls an ENORMOUS 1.7 million active & loyal customer mailing list. Simon has successfully marketed over 60 software's online and he passively generates millions yearly for vendors! He has massive following and the backing of thousands of top marketers who will be very happy to promote bezop.


Kevin Byrne

Ecommerce Expert

Kevin graduated with an Honours Degree in Business and Marketing, acquired a Masters Degree in eCommerce. The man is just amazing! He is an expert with Facebook advertising and has conquered on several platforms like shopify. Kevin can generate thousands of sales for a brand new store in a matter of weeks and he will transfer his vast e-commerce knowledge, experience and love to new merchants.


Camelius Ubah

Lead Engineer

Camelius A.K.A Blaze is the lead engineer at Bezop. Unlike most hardcore developers, he is also a philanthropist and loves giving back to the community. This tech genius holds a bachelor of science in computer science and system design and has been involved in some very revolutionary projects in the software space (such as flexy), an AI project built onto google ML. Blaze works with an amazing team of smart contract and blockchain developers. He is also the guy behind the the rainbow cipher technology which is one of the strongest encryption methods available today.

Our Advisors


Keith Authelet


Keith Authelet is the COO/President of Ignition Holdings, Inc., a big data software company that is recognized as a critical analytical tool by the domestic and international intelligence communities. He was the Senior director of IT & bus transformations for 14 years (Lotus Development). Keith has been recognized as a data analytics and cognitive analysis expert. Following his departure from IBM, Keith has consulted all over the world and is frequently sought out for his knowledge in data analytics, big data, business process transformation, and global operations management. Keith holds his degree in Operations Research/Mathematics from the University of Rhode Island.


John Mcafee


I have become an advisor to bezop.io. I recommended them recently and, as an early investor in their ICO, I want to make sure they succeed in implementation. I love Amazon,.com, but I want everyone to have the ability to be their own Amazon if they want to start an e-business.


Bruce Lavigne


Bruce is a TOP international Legal advisor and very well known, He's is an Attorney-at-law aswell as a Certified Public Accountant. Bruce also prides himself as an expert in international Tax . He's a graduate of massachusetts School of Law and Bently University in Public Accountancy.

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What Will Happen To Unsold Coins?

While bezop hopes to sell out very quickly, Unsold tokens will be burned immediately by the smart contract , after the Token Distribution has been finalized , the total supply will be calculated.

Will There Be Fees To Use Bezop? Will There Be A Cost For Triggering Smart Contracts ?

Definitely not. Bezop will always be free besides small fees within the marketplace. Triggering smart contracts and transactions in general requires a certain amount of gas to balance out the computational and power cost.

What Can I Buy And Sell On Bezop?

Bezop is a flexible platform and allows addition of borderless range of products and services. Bezop DOM can be pulled/downloaded by a merchant from github and hosted onto any server , bezop is Open source and licensed under MIT . our team or community will not be responsible for parties engaging in sales of illegal goods or service. Merchant addresses involved in such activities can be reported to the network and voted out.

Will Bezop Be Traded At Exchanges?

Bezop has prepared all required documentation to be listed on exchanges. We are currently talking with a few exchanges and plan to be listed on at least one immediately after launch.

Which Wallet Should I Use To Store Bezops ?

Bezops are ERC20 standard token, it can be stored in many different Ethereum based wallets. bezop has plans to host a wallet for each user, but until then we recommend using Mist, MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.

How Will Buyer Protection Work On Bezop ?

During order placement tokens are sent to a merchant’s wallet address (contract on the Ethereum network), this triggers a smart contract which automatically transfers the funds to a cold secure storage wallet and in place , stores a digital IOU to the registry know as “a Promise record”. This promise to credit the main wallet and tax wallet only holds after all conditions have been met for the sale.

Can I Participate In The ICO With A Cryptocurrency Other Than ETH?

Unfortunately, no. Bezop coins are sent immediately via our smart contract to the wallet address from which it received ETH from.

Can I Send ETH From My Exchange Wallet?

No! Do not send Ether from any exchange wallet as you may not be able to receive your coins.

What Is A Merchant Wallet ? Can Anyone Generate A Bezop Merchant Wallet ?

The Merchant wallet is a simple smart contract on the blockchain that does the work of a middle-man (escrow system) and keeps both the client and merchant safe , The contract transfers a clients funds into cold storage. Which is unlockable only after (X) days when a proof of delivery is provided by the merchant. Yes. Generation of merchant wallet address requires a Fairly high One-time gas fee. This gas requirement will be determined by the bezop community.

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